The Effect Of Hammonds Cognitive Continuum Theory On The Health Care System

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Introduction It is undeniable that nurses are continually asked to make a multitude of decisions while caring for their clients. Decisions made by nurses influence the effectiveness of their care. They impact patients’ lives and affect their experiences within the health care system. Understanding how nurses make decisions is important to facilitate further learning and to help them generate conclusions that are the most effective. Research in this area will also have an impact on how new nurses are educated to make decisions. Theories used to guide this research will shape the future of education and make the decisions made by current nurses more in effectual. This paper critiques the use of Hammonds cognitive continuum theory to guide …show more content…

How much variance in CDM can be explained by scores on the independent variables?
4. Is there any difference in CDM models across the four stages of decision making process? Type of research. Bjork and Glenys’ used quantitative research to evaluate the information they collected. Data was analyzed with frequency distribution and inferential statics. For the second research question, nominal data was computed with t-tests and interval data was evaluated using Pearson’s r. Concepts within the cognitive continuum framework where measured using descriptive frequencies, t-test, chi-square test, and linear regression. Research method. Data was collected with the use of a descriptive cross sectional survey. 2095 nurses from four hospitals in Norway where asked to complete a questionnaire on one occasion. The questionnaire included demographic and background variables, a 24 item Nursing Decision Making Instrument, an index of work satisfaction, and author-designed evaluative questions for participants in long-term in-house education programs. The 24 item Nursing Decision Making Instrument was a shorter version of the original 56 question instrument created by Lauri and Salantera, which was based on the cognitive continuum theory.
Theoretical framework Cognitive continuum theory (CCT). Kenneth R. Hammond is Professor Emeritus of Psychology. Building on work by Egon Brunswick, Hammond introduced the Cognitive Continuum Theory (CCT) (FAABS, 2015). In his theory Hammond argues

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