The Effect On Student Perception And Progress If General Education

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Naomi Lara
Dr. Robinson
GED 500
Summer 2015

Paper #1: FBP Qualitative Reconstruction

Foreshadowed Problem

The purpose of the research was to determine the effects on student perception and progress if general education teachers and special education teachers were given training and resources to develop more meaningful frameworks for collaboration. In order to more equitably serve students in special education general education teachers will need opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of information contained in an IEP and be better equipped to provide prevention and intervention strategies that will support all learners in reaching their academic and behavioral potential.

Introduction and Background of the Study

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As a result of the shift, resource specialist teachers were now employed by OFL and under the direct supervision of the principal. After sitting in as assistant principal on several IEP meetings, it was clear that general education teachers did not have a deep understanding of the goals and objectives written in their student’s IEPs indicating little to no collaboration occurring between general and special education staff. The research focus then shifted to trying to determine the overall knowledge and comfort level of general education teachers when reading and understanding IEP goals and monitoring and communicating progress towards those goals. Another research goal was to gain a deeper understanding of what skills general education and special education teachers needed to develop in order to build a truly collaborative culture that enhances student success.

My actual field based project research was quantitative in nature. This paper discusses the process as well as outlines what I would do differently to conduct the same project through qualitative research methods.


Opportunities For Learning Public Charter Schools is an independent study program that serves students in 7th through 12th grade, with schools located throughout California and in multiple states. This study was conducted in the Long Beach/Capistrano Region of OFL. The

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