The Effect of Substrate Concentration, Enzyme Concentration, Ph and Temperature on Enzyme Activity”

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Title: “The Effect of Substrate Concentration, Enzyme Concentration, pH and Temperature on Enzyme Activity”

Abstract: In the following experiments we will measure precise amounts of potato extract as well as Phenylthiourea, combined with or without deionized water and in some instances change the temperature and observe and record the reaction. We will also investigate the different levels of prepared pH on varying samples of the potato extract and the Phenylthiourea and record the results. We will answer question such as what is the best temperature for optimum temperature reaction as well as the best pH level for the same reaction.

Introduction: This experiment will entail several areas the first to be investigated will be
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After measuring equal amounts of distilled water and either adding or subtracting catechol which we referred to as the substrate some reactions was seen immediately. After which we were able to get data that supported my original hypothesis that in the addition of substrate and an enzyme the reaction would be present in varying degrees dependent on whether a temperature change was provided or not. In the second part of the experiment we were testing the inhibition action of Catechol Oxidase at different levels in several tubes of varying samples of potato extract, phenylthiourea (PTU) and distilled water. The experiment showed that (PTU) bonded with the extract and the water causing a reaction whereas there was no reaction in tube # 1 where there was an equal amount of everything in the tube. And test tube # 3 was the control tube where the (PTU) was eliminated as to observe if there was any reaction at all. Of course with the whole experiment we had to be very careful as to add the catechol last to ensure no premature reaction. It was hypothesized that (PTU) is a non -competitive inhibitor and doubling the substrate will have no reversal effect. In the exercise # 2 we observed the effect of substrate concentration, enzyme concentration, pH and temperature on enzyme activity. All the data showed that once potato extract was added to catechol and water the reaction varied dependent on the level of catechol. As in
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