The Effect of the Industrial Revolution on Slavery Essay example

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Slavery has always been a part of human history. Therefore on cannot talk about when slavery began in North America. Soon after the American colonies were established in North America, slaves were brought in to meet the growing labor need on plantations. Although the importation of slaves continued to grow as new plantations were developed, it was the industrial revolution that would have the most profound impact on the slave industry. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the effect of slavery in the 13 colonies due to the industrial revolution.

Cash Crops in the 13 Colonies
One of the important early contributions of the 13 colonies was to grow produce to support the expanding economy in England. The produce that they grew were …show more content…

The problem was that labor was too expensive. So the colonists "implemented forced labor for economic gain." (Citation 15,

The Onset of the Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution was a time of great change in Europe. Many of those changes were brought about by mechanical inventions that greatly increased efficiency by which raw materials were processed. "While working in the sciences and tinkering with mechanics, a few people were able to come up with new ways of doing things. New machines were invented" (MacroHistory and World Report) Three significant machines that were invented during this time period that greatly increased the cotton industry were the cotton gin, the spinning jenny, and the power loom. Since cotton was one of the major cash crops exported by the colonies to England, it is important to understand these inventions in order to grasp the changes brought about by this trio of machines on the cotton industry.

The cotton gin, invented by Eli Whitney, was a mechanized way to remove to sticky green seeds from the fluffy white cotton balls. (Eli Whitney Museum) The hand powered cotton gin was a huge advancement, but the larger versions of the cotton gin which were pulled by a horse, could produce much more. According to Whitney, "One man and a horse will do more than fifty men with

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