The Effects And Effects Of Colonialism In North Africa

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Gissel Tejada Dr. Bouânani AFST 280D Final Paper Colonialism impacted North Africa in numerous ways. Its history is forever changed and the people of North Africa are still struggling because of the effects it had on its society. The Europeans that invaded North Africa thought of their European culture as high class and elite and looked down upon the Arab culture. Because of this, the Europeans started to build newer cities and created businesses that accommodated the European lifestyle. Building on lands that weren’t theirs to claim pushed tribes into the mountains and caused the dislocation of tribal life. Poverty was an outcome of tribe disruption because many families lost their homes, and if families had already come from poverty, then they would live around the cities in bidonvilles as well as the people coming from the cities into the bidonvilles. Because of the dislocation of families when leaving their hometown, the sense of community was also broken because families no longer lived next to each other and their neighbors might not even speak in the same dialect, making it very difficult for them to communicate with one another. This dislocation is what began to break down the cultural identity and belonging of many young Arabs, even after returning to their hometowns after independence, there was still a disconnection because the original culture had faded because of the hybridization of the two cultures. The hybridization of the European culture and

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