The Effects Of Addiction On The Field Of Nursing

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A Review of Addiction in the Field of Nursing

Background: In the field of nursing there is a culture of self-diagnosis, self-referral and self-treatment which have repercussions not only for their own health but also for the quality of healthcare that they provide for their patients. Factors in regards to addiction among nurses may be age, gender, family history of substance abuse and access to prescription drugs.
Aims: To look at addiction in the healthcare industry, with emphasis on individuals in the nursing field
Methods: The following databases were searched: JSTOR, Google Scholar and Science Direct. Inclusion criteria specified research assessing self-treatment and self-medicating of prescription drugs and street drugs among nurses and/or nursing students. The following keywords were used in various combinations self-medication, drug addiction, addiction, substance abuse, healthcare workers, and nurses. It was also imperative that the studies be in English, relevant to the United States and conducted in the last thirty years. The research must be published and peer reviewed. Also although numerous studies were referred to and reviewed the focus of this paper will be on the research directed by George A. Kenna, who works at the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University, Butler Hospital and Mark D. Woods who works at the Department of Psychiatry and Cancer Prevention Research Center, University of Rhode Island (Kenna et, al 2004) and the…
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