Cycle Of Child Abuse Essay

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The cycle of abuse is a deadly disease that is hard to cure. Children who grow up in a violent house who are physically or sexually abused are more likely to then become abusive to their own children when they are adults. Abuse is a problem that reaches all ends of the earth. Stopping the cycle is hard, and abuse is no tradition any family wants to have. The cycle of abuse is studied by many, and researcher Coates (2010) explains the trauma of childhood abuse. The trauma that comes with being physically or sexually abused as a child has an immense impact on the children’s behavior, social skills, their thinking, and even physical function (392). Studies conducted by Coates suggest that child abuse effect the brain in ways that no one would even imagine. Child abuse specifically alters the limbic system, which contains the amygdala, hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and the corpus callosum (394). To better comprehend the significance of these discoveries, learning how the brain reacts, especially when faced with threat, is quite obligatory. The frontal lobes in the cortex are accountable for learning and problem solving (395). Happenings are recorded in the prefrontal cortex to expand the volume of learning. When children feel they are being threatened, the steadfast territories of the limbic system are triggered before the more time consuming prefrontal cortex has a chance to evaluate any stimulus (395). Therefore, due to the constant feelings of threat in abused children,

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