The Effects Of Divorce On A Child Relationship Essay

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Divorce creates less contact with the father which is received as poor compared to the mother. Although fathers have a significantly less amount of contact with their children after divorce, therefore showing that childhood influences have lasting impressions on personal relationships. Fathers become very unhappy about the reduction in contact with their minor-aged children after divorce. Studies in Europe have shown the same negative effects as the United
States and their relationships are equally as negative. Research has also found that the effect of divorce on a child is less negative when there is a lot of conflict between the mother and father during marriage. A divorce with high levels of conflict may lead to a stress relief effect meaning the child will experience less stress when freed from the dysfunctional family environment in turn allowing for a better father-child relationship. Many children welcome the shift to a calmer single parent family which could lead to a better parent child relationship in the long run. Then they can have a relationship with one parent at a time without being in the middle of their parent’s problematic relationship. Furthermore, fifty-percent of the time the mother is awarded primary custody with the fathers having visitation or every other weekend, ten-percent of the time the fathers get primary custody, and forty-percent of the time parents get joint custody.
Most research has proved there isn’t a huge difference in father-child

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