The Effects Of Domestic Violence On The United States

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Millions of women in the United States are physically, and emotionally abused by an intimate partner each year. Domestic violence is a situation that harms and kills most particularly women, children, and families members. As a result, battering of women is one of the foremost causes of injury to women. The growing awareness of how pervasive and destructive this situation is in our society, and the violence that accompanies it, has created a wide variety of programs, shelters, educational endeavors, law enforcement initiatives, and other efforts to prevent the development of this well-known trend. Fortunately, most victims of domestic violence today have one or more ways out, if they know there are available opportunities exist and able to use them accordingly. On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, at 4pm I visited a Jersey Battered Women ‘s Services (JBWS) located in Morris plains New Jersey that deals with violence issues. I interviewed Miss Lid, one of the agency personnel. She told me that her name is “Miss Lid for the purpose of the interview and to assure privacy “. Immediately she gave me an overview of the agency and insisted on how proud she is in helping this population because domestic violence represents a major problem in the United States as well as many other parts of the word. She described to me that the mission of JBWS is to prevent domestic violence, protects the victims, counsel them about the dynamics of domestic violence and provide information on potential

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