The Effects Of Exercise On College Students

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People say that they are going to change health behaviors every year and most never do. I have personally struggled with this as well. Every semester I tell myself that I am going to work out consistently through the semester and every semester I do not stick with my goal. I thought that if I made my project this behavior then I would see it through to the end. Even though I did not fulfill my goal to the extent that I initially wanted to I still consider this project a success. I learned about the importance of exercise both through the experiences brought on by the project and reading research connected to my health behavior change. Studies have connected exercise to better health in many ways, but motivation to do physical activity for college students is lacking. College students are in a critical period of their lives which determines their likelihood to become obese in the future. (Egli 2011) A study was done to see what motivated students to participate in physical activity to find a way to encourage more physical activity in college students. Demographics were the indipendent variables in the study to create less biased data that would show how people are motivated on average. Students were recrutied from mantitory physical activity classes at a southeasstern university. The survey was voluntary and no follow up was done with non respondents. Sources of motivation were found in this order, most influential first: positive health, ill-health avoidance,
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