The Effects Of Internet Censorship On Children

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The internet is a powerful resource and tool for many people today. It is an advantage for students who use it for their schoolwork or for adults working on their job. However, the internet is filled with disgusting content that children have access to everyday. Violence, bullying, pornography, and sex trafficking are among the many parts of this issue. Parents already have the challenge of raising their children, so figuring out which websites to censor should not be something they need to worry about. The internet should be censored for violent and sexual content because of the effects that violent media and early exposure to sexually explicit content has on children, while preventing various unfavorable behaviors as a result.
Internet censorship should be used for children under the age of 18 to censor out content that is harmful to them such as overly violent videos and sexualized websites. Parents over the years have wondered about the effects that violence in television and video games has on our brain. Dr. Vincent Matthews from Indiana University recently did a study on media violence and looked at what happened in the brains of 28 students (Park, 2011). All of the students had little to no gaming experience and were randomly assigned to play either a violent or nonviolent game every day for a week. Each participant was given an MRI to see their brain activity after completing assignments that involved emotional or nonemotional content before and after playing the

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