The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Blood, guts, fighting, guns. Drug, nudity and profanity, is all this necessary to fabricate in the media? What are characters in movies teaching kids? What about the language in music talking about killing people and talking about violence like it’s the cool thing? What about new channels always talking about guns, bombs and threats to the public, is this what is influencing are children because they view it as a norm? Some may agree with this as others may disagree. Media violence is not the factor in violence today. Studies show that over 90% of homes have a television which is argued to be the cause of violence because kids are spending up to 28 hours a week watching media and being on social media as there is more phones in houses then televisions, which 28 hours a week is more time then kids spend in school. Based on this factor it is discovered that most of the homes in the study have a TV located in children’s rooms were it is unsupervised to be able to watch shows that display violence. Research has also displayed that younger children can’t differentiate between fact and fantasy so they look up to people as role models in shows and movies to determine what’s “cool” in society. There is also research stating that music videos and video games display at least 15% of violence but there is little data on violence when it comes to music and video games and social media on the internet to being a broad range of what you can find on the internet that displays an act
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