The Effects Of Mental Illnesses On Teenagers And How Each Individual Gets Better Essay

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Mental illnesses Mental illness is a very misunderstood thing as there are so many mental illnesses that range differently with low and high extremities depending on the person and not every medication will work for each person. There was once a time where mental illnesses were frowned upon and it was something people rarely talked about. Patients would be kept hidden and locked away in asylums and treated in horrible and brutal ways. However through time, mental illnesses are heavily discussed through social media, in school, non-fiction and even fiction. Mental illnesses are very common in nowadays teen fiction. With all this once hushed topic now in the open it is very interesting to see how authors interpret mental illnesses and how they would portray their characters. This is my main reason for choosing this topic to explore. I chose texts that displayed different mental illnesses in teenagers and how each individual gets better. I chose All The Bright Places and Holding Up The Universe written by Jennifer Niven, Perks Of Being a Wallflower written and directed by Stephen Chbosky and an award winning short film Empty directed by Tom Smith All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is a compelling novel about mental illnesses and friendships. The story centres around Violet Markey- a quiet but popular young adult who finds it difficult to “be okay” after her older sister’s death. As well as Theodore Finch- a quirky teen that has never ending thoughts of ways to

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