The Effects Of Music On The Music Essay

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Throughout the years, music has inspired people. Music touches our heart, makes us cry, makes us laugh, and heals relationships-even love someone. It encourages us to move-we can march, dance, tap our foot, snap our fingers and sway back and forth. Music fills our minds with memories that can bring a smile or drive us into a deep sadness. Patriotism is displayed when people come together because of a piece of music. Brotherhoods united when the school fight school is played. It creates a bond between complete strangers. Music can be a part of everyone’s life, even if they can’t play an instrument or read the music, they can listen. John Phillip Sousa was able to express himself through his music. Not only, did he love listening to the music, but he also, allowed music to touch his life, while he composed works of art and conducted and played in the US Marine Band. John Phillip Sousa influenced how those around him, especially the Marine Band of the late 1800’s, viewed music. His involvement in the organization began at the early age of 13 and continued until he was in his late 30’s. He wrote many well-known compositions that even now, hundreds of years later, impact those that listen. The United States Marine Band was formed in 1798 when President Adams signed an Act of Congress to make it official. When it was first started, some of the band members were sent to different post, while the others were kept close to provide entertainment for the government leaders.
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