The Effects Of Physical Therapy On Health Care Delivery System Essay

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A prevention program can be described as an arrangement of activities that attempt to alter a situation from happening, reduce problems, or promote a certain outcome. Prevention programs are available throughout the world covering many different aspects present in today’s issues. Physical therapy services have a direct connection to prevention programs in that a therapist makes an effort to treat a condition in order for it to be avoided, reduced, or changed if at all possible whether it is an injury or infection. As stated by the Alabama Physical Therapy Association (APTA), “Physical therapists can provide valuable contributions to the transformation of the health care delivery system by improving health care quality and outcomes through the prevention, treatment, and management of impairments and health care needs of patients,” (Health Care 2). Preventative actions initiate restoration and achievement of a patient’s functional ability, and decreases dependency and impairments due to an illness or disease. Preventing an illness from progressing at a rapid rate, and educating the patient to better adapt to surroundings are also services provided. Physical therapy prevention services can be categorized by being primary, secondary, or tertiary.
Primary prevention can be classified as a physical therapist recognizing potential risk factors in a given population or age group, and providing therapeutic services to decrease the specific risk from occurring. Simply put, it stops

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