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The use of video games has become a norm for many people and families. They may be used to relax after a long day of work, or as a way for the family to all participate in something together. Many people view video games as just another form of entertainment, but could they actually be more? Meditation is used as a therapy to reduce the stress of everyday life. It is a way to focus one’s mind on the present and alleviate the stress that life can cause. By focusing on something besides stress, a person is able to relax. By applying those same observations to the act of playing a video game, one can see how playing a video game can be as effective as meditating. While playing a video game the mind is no longer focused on the stress of the …show more content…

Without the repetitive boredom of traditional therapy patients can look forward to seeing their physical therapist and focus less on their injuries. There are also forms of therapies that help with brain activity and cognitive thinking. Mike Snider of USA Today wrote an article about parents using video games to help their children who have Attention Deficit Disorder. The use of the video games for treatment was prescribed by their psychologist. One child had received standard neurofeedback treatment in the past, but still had problems with memory. According to his mother, Janet Herlihey, he now has learned to use the focus skills he learned from gaming to focus better in school and in sports. Focusing on the video game has taught the child how to slow down and focus on tasks in his everyday life. Her other son had trouble focusing while trying to read, an activity he once loved to do. Now after using the video game therapy he is able to focus on the books and enjoy reading again.( Snider) The Herlihey children where both able to benefit from the video game therapy. It helped them both learn to focus better on tasks outside the video game. If it is helping children with ADD focus better, then it can be said that normal use of a video game may also help others playing them focus better on everyday tasks. Many would want to argue that the everyday use of video games could actually do more harm

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