The Effects Of Pollution On The Environment

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Since the very first textile production line in the 1700s to Apple products being made overseas in China, factories have plays a significant role in our world since the beginning and continues to do so. The Industrial Revolution was a stepping stone in Americas history and opened a door to new inventions to make lives easier. It began with the invention and application of machinery for production and peak in the production of machines made by machines. Factories have indeed made production efficient and increased the number of jobs. However, like all good things there is a negative side. Factories are a source of nonpoint pollution, meaning the pollution affects a water body from sources such as polluted runoff from agricultural areas draining into a river, or wind-borne debris blowing out to sea. Non-point source air pollution affects air quality from smokestacks. Which is a problem because factories contribute to both water and air pollution harming our environment as it still continues to operate all over the world. So how do we know if factories are doing more harm than benefits for our environment? One source of factory pollution comes from factory farming. This is A factory farm is a large, industrial operation that raises large numbers of animals for food. Over 99% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms. Waste from large-scale confinement farms pollutes the water, land and air in neighboring communities, compromising both human health
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