The Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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People who suffer from PTSD may look for resources, which can help them forget about their experiences, “People experience a range of reactions following trauma. Most people recover fine, given a little time. However, a small but noteworthy number go on to develop more serious, chronic problems, like PTSD.”(PTSD: National Center for PTSD) When one has the opportunity to erase certain memories it can be something one might look into. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be life changing for one, therefore there are people who look for ways in which to erase bad memories but don’t know the consequences from the decision.
Most people who suffer from PTSD are usually Veterans and people who experienced hurtful or dangerous things in the past. …show more content…

There are scientist who look for ways to erase people’s traumatizing experiences. In the article “Can We Erase Bad Memories?” Brian Wiltgen says that the researchers from UC Davis’ Center for Neuroscience and Department of Psychology say that now one can erase one’s bad memories now more than ever. The Dr. Brian Wiltgen has actually proven that memory can be erased with mice. The way that he was able to prove it is by “successfully eradicating particular memories within mice 's brains by using controlled light beams” this works since; “Deep in the brain is a small structure called the hippocampus, it works as our memory bank. Using pulses of laser light,Wiltgen was able to ultimately get rid of selected bad memories.” This treatment is currently used for several things. Some of the reasons why this has been used are for “erasing memories of child abuse, healing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder”, and even “mitigating memory loss in damaged parts of the brain for patients suffering from disorders like Alzheimer 's”. There are several people who think that being able to erase bad memories is important to help people live better and enjoy their daily life. Although this treatment might work, is it actually safe since we are humans and not mice?
People who want to erase bad memories want to keep all the other memories; is it possible for them to just delete certain memories? In the article “Selectively Deleting Memories” By Lauren Gravitz,

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