The Effects Of Psychological Distress On The LGBT Community

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Psychological Distress
Multiple scholars have shown that the LGBTQ community is at an increased level of psychological distress which is caused by the stigma and discrimination that society and the media put on this group (Rostosky et al., 2009, Levitt et al., 2009, Mustanksi, Garofalo, & Emerson, 2010, Baams, Grossman, & Russell, 2015, & Rostosky & Riggle, 2011). With this increased stress, psychological ramifications can result more frequently compared to individuals who do not suffer from this stress. These ramifications can be seen in higher levels of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety and unfortunately can be correlated with higher levels of suicidal behavior (Mustanksi et al., 2010). The sudden increase in depression and suicidal behaviors is most prevalent in the youth of the LGBT community today, although college students as well as adults have also reported higher levels of mental disorders (Mustanski et al., 2010). …show more content…

The youth in this marginalized group have elevated levels of suicidal thoughts and behaviors (Meyer, 2003). Suicidal ideation is a complex issue and it is important to try to understand why the LGBTQ youth is almost two and a half times more likely then heterosexual youth to attempt suicide (Baams et al., 2015). Scholars have suggested two theories, the minority stress theory and the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide (IPT) to explain the increase seen in this marginalized group (Baams et al.,

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