The Effects Of Rates Of Immigrants On The Rate Of Uninsured

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Subjects This study aims to correlate the effect of rate of immigrants on the rate of uninsured in a state. For this purpose, compilation of data was carried out from Migration Policy Institute a not for profit organization that collects data on migration, to analyze movement of people across worldwide. The data for comparison is from Kaiser Family Foundation, under state health facts, health indicators, and uninsured indicators, titled health insurance coverage of total population. Further, for the comparison study, two groups of 15 states each are used, one group of 15 with highest number of immigrants and the other with lowest number of immigrants. Instruments Data used in this study is from a previously prepared collection for a different study and hence does not require any instruments. Use of Microsoft Excel and graphpad, an online software, helped in calculating the results and analyzing the data. Design and Procedure This study is casual comparative and hence uses two groups based on same independent variable and compared with a dependent variable. The present study’s independent variable is the rate of immigrants per state, with high rate of immigrants as one data group, low rate of immigrants as the other group and, the dependent variable is the rate of uninsured for the states in the two groups. The data is general and considers the entire population and not uninsured alone, but it could still be used since; the study aims
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