The Effects Of Reality Television On Our Lives

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Haggerty’s is a freelance journalist in Washington D.C.. She has the experience of being a business and real estate reporter, and also the editor for The Washington Post for more than twenty years. Haggerty has also graduated from George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree. She is a fan of reality television and has written this article to show the effect of reality television in the world we live in today and the messages they are sending to their audiences. Haggerty focuses on popular reality television shows, such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and the Real World, and how their messages can negatively affect the viewers of these shows. She also talks about how these reality shows have an impact on our lives, from perspectives on beauty standards, messages of violence, and social ratings. The author is able to show us how reality television effects us as a culture through the examples, ratings, perspectives, current situations, and reality television today. This article she has written is within the past six years and is still current today. She shares different perspective on each side of the argument of reality television having negative effects on culture and society and is not biased in her scholarly article backing up a lot of her reasoning and facts with evidence and other reliable resources. The source is accurate and reliable because she has posted her article on CQ Research’s website, which presents award-winning extensive reports on the essential

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