The Effects Of Social Media On Students Essay

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Reactions to Social Media Abuse
Some schools have had enough of their students abusing social media networks while on campus and have decided to ban social media access on their library computers. Other colleges have also implemented systems on their library computers where Twitter and Facebook are permanently blocked (Madden, 2012). The main reason for the new system is that most of these students that need to conduct research on computers have had to wait almost 20-30 minutes for a free computer. The colleges noticed that those that had access to a computer were using it to check their social media profiles. This aggravated many students and resulted in an agreement where designated computers still had unrestricted internet whereas others did not. This meant no access to Facebook. Such a compromise is highly efficient and some colleges have adopted this system.
Addiction and Academic Decline
Social media today has a strong grasp on the world and especially on students. With over 845 million users, Facebook has been having negative impacts on the educational performance of a huge number of students (Hogan, 2010). It is clear that many students do not have the ability to control their so-called Facebook addiction. This has adversely affected the personality and studying habits of students (Boyd, 2014). Facebook has an effect that is harmful to the productivity of students and this has been obvious in decreases in academic performance. Boyd (2014) highlighted in his research

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