The Effects Of Social Media On The World Of Technology, News And Material Travel At A Supersonic Speed

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Wes Williams Mr. Bellissimo ENG-4UI-01 4 November 2015 Desensitizing Society In today’s fast paced world of technology, news and material travel at a supersonic speed. Subjects are then conversed, deliberated as well as disputed feverishly on the virtual landscape: giving way to argument and counter argument, thus leaving no stone unturned. Social media has undeniably played an operative role in sanctioning the common age. Unfortunately though, there is also a flip side. Social media has become a part of our everyday lives, and is a viable tool for learning, communication, and ultimately keeping up to date. What we are not realizing is that we’re becoming desensitized to the real world, we are focused on things that were not even …show more content…

They can carry this out flawlessly without even being known in person. It has created many common problems among teens such as depression, and struggle with confidence on and off social media. I read an article online by The National Council on Crime Prevention reported that in an investigation of young adolescents, 81% said they believe other people cyberbully because they think it’s amusing. They don’t see their victims’ feedbacks in person, cyberbullies may not grasp how much damage they are doing (See Figure #1). Youth also run the risk of involuntarily disclosing their private information since on most occasions; they usually neglect to read carefully websites ' privacy policies. Whenever young people fail to read the policies and disclaimers, they are exposed to risks of having their personal information disclosed. I can closely relate to this as I tend to not read the instructions, or anything of that nature as I am eager to do whatever I am doing. Social media has desensitized our somewhat balanced understanding of what might happen if I accept this disclaimer, or check the box to accept the terms and agreements. This is exclusively a serious matter in the rising cases of cybercrimes such as identity theft. We have all heard of cyber-attacks, one in particular that stood out to me is the huge wide-spanning cyber espionage operation from Iranian hackers targeting social media platforms in the U.S. I quote, “Using the fake personas, including

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