The Effects Of Socialization

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As stated by James M. Henslin (2014), the agents of socialization are the people or groups that affect our self-concept, attitudes, behaviors, or other orientations toward life. In other words, agents of socialization are the building blocks that influences a child's interaction with people that are appropriate for their social position. During the process of socialization, we learn how to adapt to the norms of society through our families, peers, media, school, religion, and sports. It affects and shapes the person that we are today. When accounting for socialization, cultural factors, race, and gender are a major component that can have a significant impact because each culture has its own norms. Although socialization occurs throughout …show more content…

Being raised in Jamaica you are expected to follow the gender roles. The women in my family are strong believers of men should not do any household chores while the women are responsible for cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, and laundry. While living with my grandmother as a child, my brother didn’t do any chores. I had to clean, do laundry, and cook while my brother did nothing. The response I would receive each time asking my grandmother why I was expected complete these tasks daily was, “you are a female and are expected to do this one day for your significant other.” As I got older I strayed from outdated gender roles and started to believe in gender equity. My biological sex influenced the way I was socialized as a child and it affected how I viewed myself. My family’s process of socialization does not fit in with my norms, values and beliefs. When analyzing the media, they are positive and negative socialization. Mass media being a broad platform that influences children through different outlets such as: newspapers, magazines, books, video games, and television. The media is one of the most vital component of shaping the way someone views themselves and how they think. Living in an advanced technological society where everything is at your fingertips can be impact your socialization. The media portrays celebrities as societies norms. The way a celebrity dresses, what they eat, their exercise routine,

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