The Effects Of Society's Unrealistic Expectations Of Women

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1. What is your topic?

My poem is about society’s unrealistic expectations of beauty that is demanded from women in their lifetime. I also want to address the negative impacts of these beauty ideals on women. 2. What do you want your audience to know about your topic?

I want the audience to understand the pressure that is put on women to conform to beauty ideals which correlate with many horrible psychological effects such as low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders. The standards of beauty promote many unhealthy body images which can influence women’s decisions to harm themselves in order to integrate into the mainstream western culture. Pressure to conform to beauty ideals starts from a very young age when little girls are introduced to fairy tales and barbie dolls who display beauty as having
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However, those are all lies told to destroy our sense of confidence and security, and lead us onto the path of cosmetic procedures, that obscure our natural selves with injections and surgery, as well as self-harm. I feel that this topic is important for my audience as many people can relate to it, many times we feel dissatisfaction towards ourselves due to the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we are surrounded with. This causes many psychological effects within the society such as insecurities and lower self- esteem. It has been found that outer appearances have been an important factor that determines self-esteem globally and if the audience is able to understand that beauty is embedded in our behavior and personality instead of outer appearances then it can elevate their confidence. Due to a constant comparison of ourselves with things portrayed in the media, women often feel inadequate which can create a negative self-image. This can lower the quality of lives for many and lead to
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