The Effects Of Stress From Socioeconomic Status And Postsecondary Educational Attainment

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the effects of stress from socioeconomic status and postsecondary educational attainment. SAWAT PHANTHAVADY

A Child cannot choose the life their born into. For some this means a life of poverty and uncertainty. This group is classified as having a low Socioeconomic Status (SES). Children are the once affected the most in this in this category. They are faced with negative caregivers, malnutrition, toxic environment and stress causing their brain structure to change. Such endeavor during early childhood can affect once emotional and cognitive functions. Early intervention can reverse such effect due to the child brain plasticity. This hardship can extend into their young adulthood affecting their …show more content…

The fetus is sensitive to hormonal changes caused by different stressful aspects of the mother’s life, such as emotional trauma or malnutrition, the child can develop health and mental problems going into adulthood.(4) Caregivers need to provide sufficient amount of nurturing during early childhood development for the biological systems to function accordingly. Children living in low (SES) conditions experience family stress which alters their ability to regulate different emotions and adapt to changing situations. Some stress can be good. Mild and predictable forms of stress that are manageable and short term can help acquire coping skills.(21) To make stress manageable, the presence of a supporting caregiver is vital. Being able to cope with stress also depends on the individual characteristic and genetic vulnerability.(24) With the emerging research in epigenetic- turning on and off genetic activity. Environmental conditions such as a mother being in an abusive relationship while pregnant can trigger the glucocorticoid receptor gene in the unborn child.(26) Which diminish the child ability to cope with stress. Over time this leads to a condition known as chronic stress, where high cortisol is released over a long period, causing problems such as heart disease, damage muscle tissues and impairs the immune system.(33)
The developing brain is not yet hard-wired due to its plasticity. This also makes it susceptible to different forms of stress. Therefore, intervention

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