The Effects Of Stress On Our Mental And Physical Health

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As we learned in class, stress is any force that changes the body’s natural state, known as homeostasis. Stress does not always have to be viewed as a bad thing. For example, stress can motivate someone to study for an exam or plan ahead in his or her agenda to stay organized. Its only when stress manifest out of control and is not addressed properly that it can have very negative effects on both our mental and physical health. Reflecting on the document we watched in class, Stress: Portrait of a Killer, I was surprised to learn more about baboons correlating to human beings stress management and how you position as individual in the hierarchy of life has in effect on the levels of stress you may endure. In the documentary I learned a lot about how dominant male baboons has lower stress levels which in turn, made these baboon relativity healthier compared to their other members of their group. The baboons who had higher stress levels also has high blood pressure, not as good immune system, and a poor reproductive system. This just goes to show the position the baboons held in their hierarchy related to their health and ultimately, their life span. This idea that stress is related to poor health and life expectancy is not only true for baboons, but for human beings as well. I know from prior experiences when i get stress I tend to get really sick. When the end of the semester comes around, I get overwhelmed with papers, last minute assignments, and finals to study. I was

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