The Effects Of The Education Gap In Education

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Growing up, reading was vital to my daily life. I loved reading stories and being transported to new places. Every time a book catalog came out or I would go to the store, I would want to pick out a new book. It always felt so special placing that new book on my bookshelf, establishing it as part of my collection. However, some children have never gotten the opportunity to be carried away by a book, let alone own a collection of them. The education gap between low and high income students is a problem that needs to receive attention by looking into the academic differences dividing the students, the widespread effects harming the world, an amazing organization combating the education gap, and the essential outcomes accompanying a donation. America has always possessed a problem with the education gap. Forty years ago that gap split races, but now it separates economic classes. Students from low income and less educated families are falling behind other kids even before their first day of schooling. According to a New York Times article, “On the day they start kindergarten, children from families of low socioeconomic status are already more than a year behind the children of college graduates in their grasp of both reading and math. Nine years later the achievement gap, on average, will have widened by somewhere from one-half to two-thirds. Even the best performers from disadvantaged backgrounds, who enter kindergarten reading as well as the smartest rich kids,

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