The Effects Of Violent Television On Youth

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Television is a powerful tool, shaping and influencing the lives of the world’s youth. More recently, violent shows are on the rise. Most programs are increasing the number of violent acts per hour. These violent television shows are causing an aggressive spike among young people. Violent television shows are desensitizing children to violence, leading children to imitating the actions of those they see. This problem can be reduced or prevented in numerous ways.
On average, American children view approximately four hours of television per day.(refrence) Unless they are only watching a children’s channel, children are nearly guaranteed to watch a violent program. According to research by the American Psychiatric Association, “Adolescences will have witnessed 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 violent acts by 18 years old.” (AACAP) These programs are allowing children to gradually accept the violence and build an immunity towards it. Instead of getting scared when a “bag guy” gets shot and killed, children will cheer! “The bad guy is dead!” Should a child really be cheering that anyone died? The children have desensitized themselves and it does not affect them. Although desensitizing is an enormous issue, mimicking is equally problematic.
During adolescence, children are very easily influenced by the emotions and actions of what they view. Brad Bushman executed an experiment on adolescent boys in 1998. Bushman’s experiment helped to understand how violence affects the

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