The Effects of Financial Problems on the French Revolution Essay

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The Effects of Financial Problems on the French Revolution

The French Revolution, which broke out in 1787, was perhaps the most violent upheaval in the western world due to the extensive participation of peasants and common people, not only the aristocracy. Even thought in other parts of Europe revolutionist movements were taking place, they were usually between aristocratic rulers and other privileged groups. Regarding the causes of the French Revolution, several versions are proposed and debated. Some versions say that the causes were basically social and economical; while others say it was the rise of one particular class, the bourgeoisie. Therefore in order to attain a final answer it is …show more content…

Industry and commerce were badly affected, which lead to a decline in production and employment. Apart from this, natural occurrences also helped to ruin harvests, and even though the degree of starvation had been higher during the reign of Louis XIV, this time it had a great psychological impact on the classes. This helped to increase even more the social gap between the bourgeoisie and the peasantry, consequently deep resentment was formed. However this resentment was not only between the bourgeoisie and peasants, but also between the second and third states. In the attempt to solve their difficulties, the nobility or second state, passed downwards to the bourgeoisie or third state, all the economic burden, thus widening the hostility between the states. Even though these struggles between social classes did not have an immediate effect due to temporary restrains, it later on became a significant cause for the breakout of the revolution.

Although each class' had its own aspirations and achievements suiting their interests, they had one common goal. As the regime was no longer serving their interests or guaranteeing them, it had to be put down or modified. Therefore the regime, combined with other pressures, finally collapsed. Each class then developed tactics to fulfill their interests and implement them to the new government

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