The Effects of Media in Nursing Evolution

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Running Head: THE EFFECT OF MEDIA The Effect of Media in the Nursing Evolution The Effect of Media in Nursing Evolution The media has played a huge role in the evolution of nursing. Its influence has been both positive and negative. I have chosen to research this subject because of the negative results and feedback that I will provide throughout this paper. This negative influence is directly affecting the number of people that are deciding to pursue nursing as a career. In a study of students in grades 1 through 10, most of them describe nursing as a technical job with no career advancement. The students stated, “it was a girl's job”, and were unsure of the job security as a result of an…show more content…
Chitty and Black (2007) identify “The media’s new weapon of electric fabrication (internet) as a powerful medium to hinder the very core of nursing” (p406). The media juggernaut that I have come accustomed to has me basking in the sunlight one moment or crashing on the rocks the next. References American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2004). Fact sheet. Retrieved September 14, 2008 from Bearns, M., (2000, September 10). Nursing mistakes kill, iInjure thousands cost-cutting exacts toll on patients, hospitals staff series: Dangerous care: nurses' hidden role in medical error. First of three parts. [Electronic version]. Chicago Tribune Retrieved on September 14, 2008, from Cassavetes, N. (Director), & Sparks, N. (Writer). (2004). The notebook [Motion Picture].United States: New Line Cinema Center for Nursing Advocacy, (2008) Mission statement Retrieved September 15, 2008, from Chitty, K.K, & Black, B.P, (2007). Professional nursing: Concepts and challenges (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders Forman, M.(Director), Hauben, L.(Writer), & Goldman, B.(Writer). (1976) One flew over the cuckoo's nest [Motion Picture]. United States:
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