Tone Of A Rose For Emily

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The story "A Rose for Emily" is one of first William Faulkner’s publications. The action of this story takes place in a time filled with social and political turmoil, when Southern came into a historical lethargy, and when its glow start faded. The elements presented in "A Rose for Emily" make reference to that time and are a tribute to Mss. Emily Graiser. A dominant tone is shown by a footprint of the past and loneliness to which was added symbolism and melancholia. The author showed us through his words issue of life, love and death, a sensitivity which gets us closer of characters' life and struggles. The story begins with the death of Emily Graiser- the main character- and the action is presented backwards and gradually her life and …show more content…

Symbolic the hose became part of her, and what once was full of hope and happiness, with the death of her father, whom she loved and respected, and whose death was hardly accepted by her, and the mysterious disappearance of her fiancé, the house became a prison where Tobe-the loyal servant- was the only one to have access to. The two male figures from her life had a great influence on her especially that in the 1930s women were not allowed to have a job or education they were being considered inferior to men. The time factor is accentuated when the Colonel Santoris's name was mentioned, a character dead for ten years to which Emily insisted on being asked the reason for which she was not paying taxes. Later with modernization of the city and postal appearance she refuses a number for her house, wanting everything to remain unchanged. Her appearance has suffered a total transformation with the disappearance of her men from her life, her appearance being presented in the beginning as "slender figure" and later time "She Looked bloated .... Her eyes, lost in fatty ridges of her face."(33) Emily is a character surrounded by mystery, leaving a mark on the influence of others, causing them to create their own scenarios about her life. It happened when she met Homer, when everyone hoped she will marry him, or when she bought poison and everyone thought she would poison herself. Her high wealthy status and respect were emphasized when she kicked out the people who

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