Theme Of A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

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William Faulkner: Bringing Southern Values to the Masses
In "A Rose for Emily" (451) William Faulkner brings life to a gothic tale of eerie and gruesome murder, in the name of love. Miss Emily, a southern bell turned old maid, finds her heart's desire in a northerner of little social value. Emily breaks all the rules of society and keeps her beau. Poison, intrigue, murder, and just plain crazy come together to make this short story creepy and amazing. Research will show through character analysis, theme and symbolism how Faulkner brought the Deep South's blind loyalty to the masses.
Faulkner's family had an amazingly similar background story to that of Miss Emily Grierson. Faulkner was born in a small town in rural Mississippi, raised in Oxford, Mississippi, where the story takes place. The Falkner and the Grierson families lost their money and status in the Civil War but the social hierarchy, of the south kept them in society. Faulkner's grandfather and Emily's father were officers in the Civil War and held strong to past values. Michael Millgate points out that "William Faulkner was well aware of his family background and especially of his great grandfather, Colonel William Clark Falkner, a colorful if violent figure who fought in the Civil War"(William Faulkner).
The protagonist Emily Grierson has a history of mental illness in her family. Miss Emily was a woman of high social standing before the war, and her attitudes are indicative of a southern lady. Young Emily, a

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