The Effel Tower And The Eiffel Tower By Henri Rousseau

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Henri Rousseau, born in May 21, 1844, was a self-taught artist who started his artistic career when he was forty. He began his life working as a clerk, then he joined the French army after being accused of stealing money from his employer. He later moved to Paris and obtained a job working for the French Customs Office, and it was there that he began painting part-time. It was really this background of his that allowed his paintings to be original and uninfluenced by traditional painting techniques. Since he was a self-taught artist and had no significant experience with painting, he had the freedom to paint as he perceived and as he imagined. Henri Rousseau was a man who liked to exaggerate his life to make himself seem adventurous and exciting. He made up stories about his time in the military and overstated his importance in the Customs office where he worked. This was also reflected in his artwork where manipulated the painting to emphasize beauty and excitement. In 1898 Henri Rousseau painted The Eiffel Tower, and during this time the Eiffel Tower had been opened for just about about ten years so it was still fairly new. The painting features the Seine River and the Eiffel tower perfectly aligned to create a beautiful scenery. In this particular painting he was inspired by both the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River, but in reality, these two attractions never align how Rousseau portrays them. This shows how, like in many of his paintings, Rousseau toyed with the

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