The Electoral and Campaign System

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Essay Question #1 There are many types of voting systems. Two popular ones are the winner-takes-all and the proportional voting system. These two voting systems are a big effect in the world of elections. First, is the winner-takes-all voting system which is also known as the majority/plurality systems. This is the one that is most common to people in the U.S. This is the type of system that is used to elect most officials in our government. There are four types of this winner-takes-all system: instant runoff, At-large, two round runoff, and single member district plurality. The most known one is the single member district plurality. This is what is used most of the time when we American’s vote in officials. This involves a bunch of check boxes next to people’s names and you check the person who you want to vote for. This represents the winner-takes-all because the person with the majority or most votes wins the election. Second, is a system called proportional representation. This is the biggest opposition to the winner-takes-all system. The way it works is instead of using single-member districts they use multimember districts. The amount of seats a party gets is based on a proportion of how much support they get. For example if a party only gets say ten percent of the votes they only get two seats. This would have a lot of effects if it was used in the U.S. general elections. Such as fairer gender and race representation, and it would make people want to come out

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