Electoral College Essay

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Asia Ray
Instructor: Kathleen Sedille

The structure and function of the electoral college consist of a process that was establish in the U.S Constitution by congress and electors, in which they the people would decide on voting for the President and Vice president of the United States of America. Within the qualification of voting, each presidential candidate running to become the next president of the
United States of America, must have their very own electors of the state that they reside in. The future president of the United States, must make a selection of electors, from the political party in their state. In some states laws and restrictions, may apply to future presidential candidates on
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In the society in which we live in today, there is a political system filled with much chaos and debate. Politics are not the same as they use to be. We as a people now live in an era, which states every man for themselves. Because these issues in our society continue to rise to such a great disturbance, I believe that the only fair way and liberal way of choosing a candidate would be, by using the electoral college vote. In the past few presidential winning years, there have been many reporting with election poles, and voters including politicians, cheating with electoral votes, such as casting false ballets. I believe that in order to keep our government up to part in many healthy decisions for America, as a whole is to continue using the electoral college vote system. The Electoral vote has the tendency and chance to grasp the attention of voters, rather then, a regular popular vote, which only or partially benefits one state. The electoral vote establishes a new way of voting, without being in the majority of voter’s attention, by still grasping enough candidates to ensure a presidential candidates winning. However, when the votes of the American people, are likely to be recognized by voters, when there is a persuasive speech involved, hat will immediately grasp the attention

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