The Electronic Health Record System

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When evaluating our hospitals meaningful use criteria, the Electronic Health Record system, and our staff as well as the patients, our team found many criteria’s that needed to be worked on. As our team has come together to apply our knowledge to the situations, we have done are best to find the current solutions below. As we address the problems, we only hope to make a difference on not only our patients, but the staff and team as well. My Hospital’s first meaningful use criteria we are going to implement will be to provide timely online access to health information within four business days. Using multiple different methods, we should be able to not only adequately measure whether or not the information is available, but we will be able to see whether or not our clients are actually utilizing the systems in place. The measurement would occur in two places, starting with the patient. The patient would be routinely interviewed in out-patient procedures to see if they are accessing their health record online, and if they are, we would ask how quickly they are able to access them via the online resources. The second step would require proper integration into our EHR system and the system will measure when the patient’s information is recorded and then made available. To begin, we would start by requesting certain tools from our current EHR to help us integrate the new system. We would need to get demographic information of our current patients so we can gain a proper
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