The Elixir Tragedy Of 1937

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Before the passing of the food drug and cosmetic act of 1938,no laws really prohibited manufacturers from placing harmful chemicals or byproducts into the products that consumers buy.One severe case of manufacters carelessness was the Elixir Tragedy of 1937.This tradegy took place when seventy one adults and 34 childern died in the fall of 1937 after taking a drug called Elixir Sulfanilamide.This drug was used to treat a variety of illnesses(The scientist).The drugs solvent diethylene glycol was founded to be the killer.The company wasn't actually at fault because they did list diethylene glycol as a ingredient ,but they weren't allowed to call it a elixir.Other cases of manufacturer negligence include was the lash lure incident .A harmful …show more content…

Today america's products are the safest products in the world.It takes alot to even get your products on the market.Product must go through several tests and evaluations to make sure they are safe enough for customers.Every process that a company uses to make a product is inspected.Stricted health codes are enforced in food preparation and packaging. Cosmetics in america are almost completely toxin free.Our customers are way more informed about what's in the products that they use and consume.Customers are also aware of all side effects that the drug can cause.Manufacturers keep their products safe for customer consumption.The food and drug acts keep a high standard ,that all manufacturers must maintain to keep their products selling or they will be …show more content…

Some people never start manufacturing their ideas because it take so long for their product to get on the market.It takes so much money to produce your products.
I believe that in the end the marginal benefit outweighs the cost because if their was no protection for consumers than the manufacturers could cut corners in the production processes of safe products.Manufacturers would just be out for profit not for the protection of customer's.Even though it takes a lot of time and effort to inspect every product thoroughly,all products will be safe for the consumers. Previous accidents have shown us the error of our ways ,so we need to keep laws to keep manufacturers in

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