The Empty Area Of Land

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I take a bite of a piece of cheese and survey the empty area of land. Usually sounds of animals fill the night, but there was nothing here, all remained quiet and empty except for me, I slowly lift a torn piece of bread to my lips as I stare deep into the darkness of the woods, when singing breaks through the silence of the night. I lurch to my feet and whip around yet still there is nothing to be seen but the emptiness. The singing stirs softly from somewhere deep in the woods, fragmented by the trunks of the trees, but it swells in volume till the woods seem to emit a glow of color. The gentle wind delicately carries the sweet notes to my ears, while a faint scent of lilac melts off of the notes. I feel myself being lured in by the incomprehensible words, but before I can take a single step forward, a flash of movement averts my attention to my right and I glimpse a young child, roughly the age of six, walking somberly like towards the threshold. I look all around me and identify more children all different ages walking through the open field. I rush to the closet child that I can reach and take hold of her arm just above the elbow, as I do so my touch instantly wakes her from her trance.
“What is going on?” I ask her.
The other children step into the woods and their bodies disintegrate into dust. The singing ceases and the eerie silence returns. “What happened?” she asks me, “Where is my mommy?” I grasp her young hand in mine and walk her back to one of the cottages
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