The Energy Industry Is Controlled And Dominated By The Consumption Of Fossil Fuels

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Currently, the energy industry is controlled and dominated by the consumption of fossil fuels. As energy companies are constantly burning these fossil fuels, this leaves the public questioning how much supply we have left after this period of usage. Despite this, the search for alternative energy sources to lower the cost of living for families around Australia has been going for years, where some have found what works for them and their price range while others have not.
Australia is ranked 16th in the world for most energy consumed per capita totalling over 5590 kgoe/a (Kilograms of Oil Equivalent per annum) of crude oil. Over 73% of Australian families uses electricity that is derived from coal, 13% use electricity produced from natural …show more content…

Yes, a community is able to live on renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power. A majority of local systems should install power grids purely based upon renewable energy, depending on the source will depend on the area and the source that can generate the most on demand. For example, small communities further in land will be able to depend on the use of geothermal energy due to being in an isolated area where the mine can be installed and maintained without disturbing day to day activities whereas in a city this would be impossible. The primary question regarding the use of renewable/alternative energy sources is if they’re able to generate enough energy to cover the entire country? While the answer is currently unknown, we know variables which in the end can bring us as a country to the conclusion. In a 2009 report by the Australian Academy of Science, they state that “Today’s scientific and political consensus is that the level of global emissions of greenhouse gases needs [to stabilise at] atmospheric concentrations somewhere between 450 to 500 parts per million to avoid serious, if not catastrophic, effects on life and property. Achieving this goal poses some formidable challenges”. On top of this statement, there are multiple uncertainties such as climate change, cost, and limitations. Currently, Australians alone produce

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