The English Street Artist Banksy

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The English street artist Banksy has produced various works of art in a revolutionary style. Street art is a very unique form of art that is produced in public areas on buildings, bridges, concrete, poles, and many other locations. This form of art is usually done illegally, which adds to the immense controversy that already surrounds it. With that being said, it speaks volumes about artists such as Banksy, who risk criminal charges of vandalism in order to empower others through his art. One of his popular pieces, “Looters”, historically commemorated the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, boldly criticizing government, media, racism and other significant issues. Many citizens were left with questions and the image poetically raised awareness to aspects of post-Katrina recovery that are still being discussed till this day. For the short time it existed as an untampered image on Elysian Fields Avenue, it managed to create a lasting impression that will exist decades after its removal. In the early 1990s, Banksy began his distinguished career. He is mostly known for his contentious and politically themed, stenciled pieces. His identity currently remains secret, after two decades, and this adds a vibe of mystery into the art that he produces. His work has been rumored to appear in America, Israel, Palestine, Jamaica, and many other countries. Banksy is unquestionably the most controversial street artist to emerge on the global stage. One place in
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