The English Underclass in Dr. Theodore Dalrymle's “Life at the Bottom

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Dr. Theodore Dalrymle wrote “Life at the bottom” as a way to express his views of the English underclass. He believes their impaired ways of life, are the cause of poverty in England, “not the economy”. Those who pledged to serve and protect, on many levels, are neglecting their responsibilities, either in fear of being judged themselves or by simply turning a blind eye to continuous problems within England. No one wants to accept the reality of England’s horrendous situation. Therefore their endless battle with poverty, suffering and misery will continue in a vicious, endless, cycle.

The United States compare to England in many ways, one of which is poverty. Stemming from one’s attitude having no real want or need to succeed. There are …show more content…

These children will grow to become illiterate adults; with “no knowledge of their past or hope for the future” all they’ll live for is an “eternal present” filled with poverty, suffering, and misery. In the future these are the individuals who’ll seek out government assistance, with a false belief that they are incapable of succeeding on their own.
The government also puts programs like Section 8 and HUD in place, with hopes to help individuals sustain livable situations until they can stand on their own two feet. But this programs is actual a huge hindrance, Section 8 and HUD allows families with very low income to reside in a residence with people paying “market rate value”. This program is the same as England’s programs to assist the poverty stricken in finding homes. Only, these people abuse the system by moving into these places with no plans of ever moving out, or bettering themselves. To them this is success and there’s no need to seek more, they are content with what’s being handed to them. There ok with the idea of not having to work for anything, but living in the same quarters as hard working individuals, it’s almost unfair in a since.

The government continues to supply these individuals with

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