The English Underclass in Dr. Theodore Dalrymle's “Life at the Bottom

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Dr. Theodore Dalrymle wrote “Life at the bottom” as a way to express his views of the English underclass. He believes their impaired ways of life, are the cause of poverty in England, “not the economy”. Those who pledged to serve and protect, on many levels, are neglecting their responsibilities, either in fear of being judged themselves or by simply turning a blind eye to continuous problems within England. No one wants to accept the reality of England’s horrendous situation. Therefore their endless battle with poverty, suffering and misery will continue in a vicious, endless, cycle.

The United States compare to England in many ways, one of which is poverty. Stemming from one’s attitude having no real want or need to succeed. There are so many reasons why American’s are hindered in their ability to take life to the next level or succeed without help from the government. Take our school systems for enstance, there put in place to help our youth, yet everyday “our children go to school and return with just as much or less knowledge as when they set off”. Like England there is a huge problem within our schools. With the “elite” trying to preserve there self image.

In Dalrymple’s chapter “We Don’t Want No Education” he speaks of England teachers being allowed to “make correction” within students work. No one wanted to present actual test scores of the failing students, in fear of being judge or labeled as uncaring, so they changed the scores to show success, where there was…