The Environmental Effects Of Water Pollution On Wildlife And Wildlife

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I am typing this to inform you of the environment. Specifically, the water. I’m going to inform you how it affects wildlife. Also how the pollution happens. And don’t forget, how to stop it. All of this will be necessary if we are to save the environment from ourselves and the harm we will continue to cause because of our lack of knowledge of what we’re doing.

First of all, what I’m going to tell you is about how water pollution does to wildlife. According to, over one million birds are killed each year because they ingest plastic. 10 percent of the 100 million tons of plastic produced each year ends up in the ocean. Another thing is how cruise ships are dumping more than 250,000 gallons of sewage into the ocean, legally! Current regulations allow cruise ships to dump untreated sewage from the ship when it is three miles away from the shore. Most of the stuff they dump has harmful elements, such as, bacteria, pathogens, medical wastes, oils, even heavy metals! All of these are putting the marine life at risk of death. Also, water in the atmosphere is mixing with the chemicals emitted from burning fossil fuels, forming acidic compounds. Acid rain has had many effects on ecosystems, especially aquatic ones. Plus there are toxic amounts of aluminum being disposed improperly by being put into the water. This kills wildlife and throws delicate ecosystem out of balance. Don’t you see how deadly and harmful these actions truly are?

Secondly, I’ll be

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