The Epidemic Of London. Johnson

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In the TGM, Johnson includes scientific evidence and tangents to enrich the story of the cholera epidemic on London. Johnson tries to get a “bird’s eye view” of seeing how cholera spread through London. In that way Johnson tries to get the reader to not only see individual stories of people who contracted cholera but to produce information on how it came about, what it is, and give as much background and insight to get the reader to see information they usually wouldn’t. Johnson also uses these scientific tangents to show modern era readers that based on what happened in London it forever affects us today. Johnson gives information on what happens and then he goes on a tangent explaining how essential the specific information plays a role in the development of London. He tries to bring the information of what happened two centuries ago to relate to modern readers. It was essential that Johnson gave extra information because it helped to further develop the story. Adding in these details answers the readers’ questions and gives an explanation on why something took place while reassuring the reader by giving factual research. It doesn’t take away from the story nor distract the reader from the central idea of the story. It adds more information to benefit the story as a whole by enriching the reading by giving factual evidence.
Johnson uses this technique to give readers a broad view of what he introduces in the story at the time. Johnson shows this by saying, “Waste
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