The Era Of Optimism Based On The United States Essay

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The era of optimism based on the belief that science and technology would continue to improve the lives of the earth’s population. Is a belief that still exists and widely believed today. Though World War 1 was impactful it didn’t alter people’s perception on the importance of science and technology in our society. This is shown in the technological outcomes that the war essentially produced. Like the use of machine guns, airplanes and other artillery’s. Also World War 1 greatly affected the political, spiritual and cultural development of the United States, India and Germany. The United States was impacted greatly because of the war. The United States at the time under President Wilson had initially decided to stay out of the war because it had nothing to do with them. However, in 1917 when a German Submarine attached U.S shipments in order to encourage Mexico to declare war. The war is one that will remain heavily engraved in history. More than 11 million solders died and many civilians died too due to hunger and disease. World War 1 caused a major social impact of the war is what caused the “sense of loss innocence” causing the emergence of the “lost generation” where poets, writers and artists came out to discuss the war experience. Economically the United States became a superpower in the world. The War effort increased commerce and the GDP greatly. Also as a result of the war wages in industries rose by about 20 percent. Union membership also increased from 2.5

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