The Eschatology Of John Wesley

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The Eschatology of John Wesley
By Jeff Potter Eschatology, or the study of the end of all things, often becomes a central component of Christian theology regardless of the denomination. Perhaps this stems from the finite nature of our minds, our inability to truly understand an eternal future, forcing us to yearn for some kind of end point that we can wrap our minds around. Perhaps it stems from a fear of the unknown, a desire to know what lies beyond our present reality after our physical death. Perhaps it is both of these things as well as others swirling around in our minds grasping at cryptic truths as we attempt to rationalize our faith in the unseen. Whatever the reason, eschatology is an important aspect of the Christian faith often understood to be pointing to the ultimate goal of the faith. For John Wesley eschatology provides a lens for all theology and is a present realization of the Kingdom of God which is yet to fully come. Within the broad spectrum of Christian traditions, eschatology is generally understood to refer to a specific moment in the future, the eschaton, when this world ends and life-eternal begins. With that understanding come some generally agreed upon events such as the Second-Coming of Jesus Christ, a final battle between Christ and the devil, the end of this world, and a final destination of heaven for those who have found salvation in Christ. Beyond that there many variations amongst Christians including timeframes, order of events, and what

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