A Review of the Meaning of the Millennium: Four Views

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The book The Meaning of the Millennium: Four Views was edited by Robert G. Clouse. It was originally published in Downers Grove, Illinois in 1977 by InterVarsity Press. Clouse combined writings from George Eldon Ladd, Herman A. Hoyt, Loraine Boettner, and Anthony A. Hoekema to produce this book. "George Eldon Ladd (Fuller Theological Seminary) present[ed] historic premillennialism. Herman A. Hoyt (Grace Theological Seminary) [wrote] on dispensational premillennialism. Loraine Boettner (theologian and author of The Millennium) discuss[ed] the postmillennial view. And finally Anthony A. Hoekema (Calvin Theological Seminary) describes the amillennial position."

Sketch of the Editor Clouse obtained a B.A.,
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Finally, chapter three concluded with Boettner providing information about different principles of interpretation in regards to the millennium so that individuals can make their own judgment on what they believe.

Chapter Four: Amillennialism Hoekema is the author of the final chapter of this book. It is devoted to four specific topics that relate to amillennialism. First, he focused on interpreting the book of Revelation to show "the background for the amillennial view of the millennium." Then, Hoekema discussed his interpretation of Revelation 20:1-6 and also "two OT passages commonly viewed as predicting an earthly millennial kingdom." A brief sketch of amillennial eschatology followed. The "sketch cover[ed] two areas: first, what amillennial eschatology teaches with regard to [four topics relating to] inaugurated eschatology, and, second, what it teaches with reference to [seven subjects relating to] future eschatology." This chapter ends with four implications of amillennial eschatology for the theological understanding of Christians. Purpose of the Book
In editing this book, Clouse hoped "that these [four] articles [and responses would] aid the serious student of Scripture in formulating his or her own conclusions concerning the interpretation of the millennium."

Analysis of the Book
Organization and Content The focus of this book was thoroughly established in the introduction section with very organized and
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