The Ethical Appropriateness Of Direct Consumer Advertising Of Drugs Essay

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What facts would you want to know before making a judgement on the ethical appropriateness of direct consumer advertising of drugs? I believe in the case where pharmaceutical companies are advertising with television commercials or paid advertisements within magazines are well within moral and good ethical standards. Consumers can choose to remain on the same television channel or read an advertisement within a magazine to become more educated about a specific pharmaceutical. However, in the case referenced in the article, where a pharmaceutical company sent representatives into support groups to speak on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies in a gesture to provide information, this seems to be unethical in my opinion. These groups to me, represent a “safe area” for members to have fellowship, exchange stories and support each other without ulterior motives being interjected from outside influences. What ethical issues are involved in marketing prescription drugs? Pharmaceutical companies should attempt to be as transparent as possible when marketing prescription drugs to the public. Their marketing efforts should not only convey the benefits of the prescription drug, but also easily convey the possible risks associated with the prescription drugs. Many patients may tend to think the benefits outweigh the potential risks of prescription drugs and may pressure their physician to prescribe it. Due to the way the prescription drug is marketed, the consumer may believe the

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