The Ethical Practices Of Managers And Co Workers

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Ethics is defined as the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and doing so with moral duty and obligation. The corporate perception of ethics often varies from the definition of the term which can cause an abundance of issues in the workplace. Interpretations range from what a person’s feelings say are right or wrong, religious beliefs, law requirements, or just what is acceptable to society morals. Despite the varying translations of business ethics one thing that is undeniable is the huge positive or negative affect it has on a company’s success. It is evident that people are influenced by those around them; celebrities, politics, peers, and superiors are just a few examples to claim. The ethical practices of managers and co-workers are influential to the employees who work for and with them and should demonstrate the conduct which the company would like to be known for in the public eye because of the potential gains and competitive benefit of morally sound employees who are dedicated to the code of ethics their business enforces and promotes. Cause for concern is derived from the numerous reports of corporate scandal or fraud and the impact on society’s view of businesses convicted or accused of such acts. In many of these cases said acts are carried out by numerous employees and even separate companies working together in discretion. Not as guilty as those performing the unethical tasks, but still in part to blame for the prolonged continuance are the employees

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