Ethics And Company Culture And Ethical Responsibilities

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This presentation is on the organization integrity and social responsibilities. As the leaders of the company, if we “act unethically and/or without integrity” (Ross, 2009, para 1), our employees will lose confidence and trust in our organization, however, if our employees do the same than our customers will “lose confidence and trust in our products and services” (Ross, 2009, para 1). For example, Intel had issues with its Pentium chip. They used unethical practices, which consisted of a five-point plan. This presentation will discuss the following:
• Ethical integrity and why it is important;
• The role of ethics in business;
• The advantages of corporate social responsibility;
• Ethics and company culture; and
• Employees, technology and ethical responsibilities.
• Then, include brief examples of three additional companies who fell prey to the same types of pressures – thus illustrating how Intel is clearly not alone.
• Conclude with a list of general actions for an organization so as to avoid the decision-making pitfalls to which Intel and others had succumbed. Ethical Integrity and Why it is Important
Ethics are one’s values and beliefs, which leads ones decision process on how to conduct themselves. The best definition for integrity I found is defined by David Ross (2009) an integrity advocate is as follows:
“Integrity as described by as adherence to a standard eludes us” (para. 3).
“The complexity of integrity as wholeness mystifies us” (para. 3).

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